Visual nostalgia junkie (lostjane) wrote in torontofilmfest,
Visual nostalgia junkie

Film Festival Newbie here.

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how the Film Festival ticket buying works. I've never been to a Film Festival movie but this year one of my favorite actors is coming to Toronto and I'd like a couple of tickets for the screening.

I know the tickets don't go on sale until Aug. 29, and then you have to buy them in blocks. The single tickets go on sale, I think, Sept. 6. I know nothing about the Festival but I know that the likelihood of me walking into the box office and buying a couple of gala tickets is...slim.

Does this mean if I would like just one gala ticket I have to buy a huge chunk of tickets to screenings? Or get hired by a company who are giving them away to their staff? I'm a bit frustrated, and any information people can give me about the Film Festival is helpful!

Thank you in advance.
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